Billingsley, Retter & Associates, Inc., has diverse experience in real estate appraisal, most types of income-producing properties, as well as all types of residential real estate. A list of available services is as follows:

  • Mortgage and property portfolio analyses.
  • Analysis of properties concerning highest and best use.
  • Valuation of planned unit developments and condominium projects, considering retail value estimates, development expenses, and absorption analyses.
  • Providing valuation and counseling for the acquisition and liquidation of real estate assets.
  • Periodic valuation for trusts and corporate profit sharing/pension plans.
  • Valuation of recreation/resort, hotel/motel, and medical service properties.
  • Cash flow, marketability, and feasibility analysis.
  • Valuation of rural and timber lands.
  • Residential appraisals for purchase, sale, financing, etc.
  • Appraisal services for use in condemnation, foreclosure, arbitration matters, and estate taxation.
  • Computer applications in the analysis of complex real estate cash flow problems.
  • Valuation of multi-family, warehouse, industrial, and commercial uses.